Coachella Fashion '14 (so far!)

I am absolutely loving the OOTDs at coachella this year. Not that I had any doubt before but these celebs have got some serious style. I've been living in a state of wardrobe and festival envy all weekend. I experience this every coachella, it's a continuous cycle that haunts me.

I'm one for stylish festival clothing and make up so I've tracked down my favourites through the glorious coachella tag on tumblr to share with you all!

So I think I have a new style crush. Dianna Agron has looked like a true coachella beauty for the past two days. Opting for killer dresses in bright colours paired with a really lovely natural make up look. So pretty! Also I'm loving the dressed down make up trend at the moment guys, it's perfect for spring/summer this year. I just think girls look so much better with a more natural glow to their skin.

 Selena Gomez hit the scene with the Jenner twins on day one with this unique and daring look. There's been speculation about whether it's hot or not. For me, it's a definite hot. I love the risk she took and the way she pulled it off effortlessly. The black combats and hat pull it all together. Thumbs up! 

Speaking of Kylie and Kendall, here they are on day two. I much preferred this look to day one's. The detailing on Kendall's floor length lace cardigan is beautiful! And Kylie's accessorising skills are highlighted with the overlapping necklaces and studded bag. However, not loving the flower in her hair. Is it just me or does it look very strange the way it sticks out on top of her head? 

Paris Hilton looked so gorgeous in this maxi! I just want it in my wardrobe please? The flower crown brings out the floral theme of this outfit perfectly. Top marks.

Spotted! Julianne Hough looking fab in tailored shorts and off the shoulders lace top. With so much going on there is no need to accessorize heavily or at all! A pair of sunnies and cute headband is all it takes. Also love the shoes. 

The 'Pretty Little Liars' girls know how to dress both on and off screen with these numbers. I couldn't really pick a favourite but having a new found obsession with yellow this year, I'm leaning more towards Shay Mitchell's two piece. If only I wasn't the palest person in the world, then maybe I could pull it off myself.

Speaking of TV Show casts... Evan Peters and Emma Roberts from American Horror Story were enjoying what Coachella had to offer. Emma opted again for the more natural make up look and a cute white dress. I love the lace trim. It makes the dress less simplistic and dresses it up just enough for it to pass as either a day or night dress depending on how you accessorize. Perfect for an all day festival wouldn't you say? (Also you guys are an adorable couple okay bye) 

Who's your favourite style crush this year?

Emma x



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