My Boots Collection!

I have a lot of boots (mainly ankle) lying around in my wardrobe. Boots for me are the hardest things to throw away. They're perfect for spring, autumn, winter and even cool summer nights. I wear them with pretty much every outfit I put together so my collection is pretty large!

Just a side note before we start, I am in no way bragging with my shoe collection! I've had the same size feet for years now and I am a hoarder in every way when it comes to all shoes and boots!

I'll start with casual boots first. These ones are new this year. I was actually going to spend a lot more money on a new pair of boots this year so they lasted me longer but I wasn't having any luck. Until I found these in River Island. I'd never owned a pair of dark brown boots before and I don't know how I lived without them before.

These were a bargain when I snagged them in the Miss Selfridge sale last year for a tenner! They're slightly big as the top of the boot wore quite quickly but they're still going strong! 

My Steve Madden's! I love these more than words can ever say. They're a beautiful dark grey (which is really hard to photograph - sorry!) and you just slip them onto your feet. I have walked around London for an entire day in these without breaking a sweat. They're also a good pair of boots for drinks with the girls. Really versatile and so worth the price tag! 

These were in our summer look book post paired with a dress. I bought these from a shoe store in Chelsea and they've lasted two years so far. They don't even look worn out yet - bonus! 

These ones are also a new purchase from Schuh! I needed a flat boot so badly as you can see from above haha! These are so comfy and the buckles don't annoy me as much as I thought they would. The style of them means they go with dresses and skirts as well which is a pro.

What girl doesn't own a pair of converse? I'm classing these as boots even though they're not before you guys say anything! I went for the blacks even though I kinda wanted the white ones more because I am a walking disaster and the white ones would have been wrecked before I'd worn them for a full day. My converse have been through a lot and the memories I've had in these are some of my favourites. Definitely my most sentimental pair of shoes.

Bargain alert! These recently went in the sale and I practically jumped on my computer when I saw the reduced price. I absolutely love a bargain and with shoes I'll wear for nights out I don't want to pay a lot. That's why these are so great! And they're black so they'll go with everything.

These were a spontaneous buy quite a while ago. I saw them on sale in French Connection and fell in love. I'd wanted a pair for ages but couldn't find the right style for me and there these were sat on a glass table waiting patiently to be noticed. Cuties. 

So there you have it! My beautiful boots collection. I really love all of these, they're probably my favourite type of shoe to buy! 



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