Lips Red As Blood, Skin White As Snow

Let's be honest, when you're the palest person who can't even get your shade in most foundation brands, red lips stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, pale skin x red lips is a trend so far as the beauty world and Snow White are concerned. Unfortunately some of us don't possess raven black hair or dark chocolate locks so it's difficult to find the perfect shade having a lighter hair colour that could almost class you as albino.

Are you guilty as charged? Yeah, me too. But alas, I have raided all drugstore brands to present you with the perfect red lip! It goes without saying that these lipsticks suit many other skin tones as well, fortunately they suit me too - yay! I've even thrown in more subtle reds that are perfect for the curious beginners of the bold red lip.

(L-R) Rimmel Kate Moss Rosetto, Revlon Super Lustrous Cherry Blossom, Revlon Moisture Stain New York Scene, Seventeen Stay Pout Date Night, Seventeen Stay Pout Infared, L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Rouge Soprano, L'Extraodinaire Ruby Opera

My favourite is the L'Extraordinaire in Ruby Opera. I personally preferred the darker reds as they looked more sophisticated and weren't as bright or too 'in your face'. The lighter reds are more fun and flirty, perfect for a night out or a date night if you're feeling fierce.

The Revlon moisture stain is very subtle and give your lips the perfect red tint if you're nervous and testing the waters. It's got a very thin consistency so you can build up the colour with multiple coats. It's really easy to apply until you get the intensity you're looking for. Very handy! 

If you're looking for a red that will catch anyone and everyone's eye I'd recommend the Seventeen stay pout lipsticks. They were quite OTT (over the top) for me but they did suit my skin tone. Seeing as I've only started wearing bold lips in the last month, I'm sticking to the darker reds before I try the brighter ones.

If you've found the perfect red lip, let me know down in the comments and I'll be sure to sneak a look next time I go shopping! 



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