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Having had my fair share of beauty discoveries and disasters, I thought some tips I've learnt whilst winging my way through the beauty world might come in useful to some of you. I know if I'd have known these things sooner, it would have helped me find my bearings a lot quicker.

It's a bit of a waffly one, so you might want to grab a cuppa. Enjoy!

 Tired Eyes are something of a pain for most people. They're too dark and you pile on too much concealer in a desperate attempt to cover them up. Well, I have three easy solutions that work wonders!
         ♥ Spoons! It's not just a myth people! Put a small tea spoon that has been cooled in the fridge and place under your eyes either at night or in the mornings. I tend to leave one in the fridge the night before. Not only does it reduce the appearance of dark circles after a few sessions, but it wakes me up a lot more and I don't need coffee some mornings! Crazy right?
        ♥ Coconut Milk. This one will only be useful if you like the taste of coconut. It has properties in it that reduce tiredness and fatigue. It's also dairy free so doesn't contain animal fat that can affect your skin as well! Double bonus.
        ♥ Liquid Iron. The one I use is called Floradix and it helps me to function better in the mornings which in turn reduces the bags under my eyes as I'm not feeling as tired on my early morning starts. It also strengthens your immune system so you're less likely to catch a horrible cold that makes your skin blotchy and dry.

 Less is more when it comes to putting products on your face. Becca and I are in agreement with this one. I know it's easy to get carried away with night creams, moisturisers, serums and much more but it's not doing a lot for your skin! It can't breathe with a gazillion products on it! The only two products I use at night on my skin are an under eye serum and facial soothing serum for the red patches on my skin. Sometimes a moisturiser if my skin is feeling dry which it does more so in winter.
     Exfoliating doesn't have to be done as excessively as you think! Once or twice a week during your morning facial care routine is enough. Exfoliator isn't the gentlest thing on your skin and you could be doing more damage by good if you keep scrubbing away at your pores every day of the week!

♥ Skin Detox  is so important! Face masks and body butters/creams are your best friend. They don't need to be done often, maybe once a week and they lift and condition your skin perfectly. My favourites include the Body Shop aloe vera face mask and the Body Shop shea body butter.

 Dry Lips are so difficult to fight off! I know it's tempting to bite off your dry skin but don't please. It makes it even harder for you to maintain your lips and when you put lipstick on (even a moisturising one) it's going to look awful! I apply my Lush popcorn lip scrub every night whilst I'm winding down from my day and then throughout the days I'll have my Body Shop aloe vera lip balm ready for when I need it!

♥ Hair Damage is inevitable if you keep blasting it with heat and then straightening or curling it after. I like to postpone the effects of too much heat by using a damage control spray by Aveda. I'll also apply hair oil whilst my hair is damp as it coats each hair and in my mind there's a barrier of oil between my hair and the heat haha!
    Like Becca says as well, it also prevents you getting those dreaded split ends which won't do you any favours in the long term.

♥ Beauty is inside and out  so look after your insides too! A healthy body shows on your skin and your mood massively! I've had to cut out dairy and gluten for the past two months due to a developed intolerance and although it was extremely difficult, now all that gluten that made me bloat and the dairy fats that lead to clogged pores is out of my system, I feel amazing! I'm not saying cut them out too, but every once in a while pick a lighter meal over a sandwich and see the difference it makes!

♥ Water, water and more water! This goes without saying but the more water you drink the better your skin looks and weirdly, the cleaner you feel! Me, Becca and Hannah all drink a good amount of water each day and the difference it makes is difficult to explain apart from that it's amazing. Definitely one to try!

I hope this has helped some of you out there, and that at least one tip was something you didn't know about! It's always exciting to discover something new to try!

Let me know what your top beauty tips are too.



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