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I find myself taking style inspiration from some many different people, from near friends to top designers; which meant picking one single style icon was quite a challenge for me. After a fair amount of brain racking I actually ended up settling on a fictional character, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I'm currently watching the final series of Gossip Girl (I know-I know, I'm a little late on the band wagon) and I am completely obsessed, so Blair is quite a common influencer for me at present. 

In fact I find myself most mornings standing in front of the mirror thinking 'mmmm, this is quite a Blair outfit... although occasionally it's a little more Serena... or Vanessa, or Jenny. Yeah, you get my point. At least I like to think so... heh
Why Blair though? Despite her scheming ways, Blair is a driven and independent woman who dresses to match this. Fashion for her isn't just about looking fabulous, it's about showing who she is and what she is there to do; but of course, with style. 

Here are a few of my all time favourite Blair looks:


Now Becca has stolen my first choice I had to have a serious think about who's style I most admire; and there is certainly a lot of people who I take inspiration from! Then I saw the gorgeous Miss Taylor Swift, whose shiny blonde locks and long legs are synonymous to her image. Taylor Swift is my guilty secret music choice; me and Emma spent many maths lessons serenading each other with her classics.
Taylor is very consistent in her style choices and very confident in what her personal style is. There are clear references from 50s fashion with high waisted shorts, small structured bags and of course her classic red lip, making her every inch the lady. Taylor's outfits will always look well thought out and pristine, which is definitely how I aim for my own outfits to appear.


She is my all time favourite female celebrity ever. She has an amazing blog that she runs with her BFF Theresa Palmer which I visit daily and is bookmarked on my phone and computer haha! It's the beautiful Phoebe Tonkin.

She has a flawless style which is unique and super chic. What I love about her is that she changes up her style so much! I couldn't really pin her to a specific dress type which I love because I can't really put myself in a set category either! I always keep track of her red carpet looks and use her as inspiration when shopping. Ultimate girl crush. Can I just be her please?

Here are just some of my favourite looks!

We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know who your style icons are in the comments! 

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