Accepting Your Past

Normally, I'm not one to blog about a tv episode but the moral behind this quote was so powerful and beautiful to me that I felt it needed addressing here. After all, it's a clear message about what makes you beautiful and this blog's message is exactly that.

A quick background for people who don't watch Arrow: something from the character Felicity's past comes to haunt her and threatens to damage relationships she's built with people around her. She's ashamed of her past because she wasn't the best version of herself and she lost someone close to her because of that. After the threat is neutralised, the main character Oliver tells her that without the events in her past playing out the way they did, she never would have become the person she is today who many people including himself have come to love.

I think it's so incredibly important for people out there who are insecure about their past or are constantly haunted by bad decisions they've made that it's okay to make mistakes. We're only human. Even if you haven't made big mistakes and you just didn't like who you were a few years ago, it's great that you're able to turn around and recognise the flaws you don't have anymore.

Personally, I regret how scared I was of showcasing my personality when I was in school. As the years went on and I found a group of friends who I was comfortable around, I came out of myself. I'm now completely confident about my personality and if people don't like me, I move on. I don't like everybody I meet, so why should I expect everyone I meet to like me? 

In life there's always room for improvement but there's no time to regret. You're going to mess up every once in a while and the sooner you accept that, the better your life will be. Regret and guilt are poisonous emotions and if you've faced the problem and tried to better yourself from it, you should move on guilt-free.

I really hope this post fuels you with inspiration to live fearlessly rather than in fear.

*disclamier: The quoted picture I used in this post is not my own. Thank you to the ever trustworthy tumblr for providing it!*



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