Dumb Blondes?

A 'dumb blonde' is defined as someone who is attractive but is unintelligent so they rely on their looks to get by, not their brain.

What if you were called dumb because of your hair? What would you do if someone called you unintelligent because of your appearance? What if people made up discriminating jokes about your hair colour that affected badly on others' perceptions of you?

As you know, many girls with gorgeous blonde hair have been judged over the years as being dumb, tacky, ditzy etc. As a blonde myself, it has been something that's bothered me from a young age and it can at times make me feel insecure about how people see me.

I've never felt the need to showcase my feelings about these assumptions because they are just silly nicknames that shouldn't mean anything. It's only been recently that I've started to notice when I'm reading a romance novel that the lead male will say 'I don't find blondes attractive' or the interfering woman trying to break the couple up will be blonde with 'big tits' and a bitchy attitude. She'll then get called a dumb blonde or another offensive comment will be made purely about her hair colour. 

Prime example of the stereotype being used in one of our all-time favourite films.

It's also a huge issue that girls that dye their hair blonde are tacky but when a member of the blonde community dyes theirs darker, it's sophisticated and elegant? Some girls dye their hair darker because of the stereotype they fall victim to. Calling us dumb blondes is basically calling a curvy girl fat. It's not nice and it is discrimination. 

The point I'm getting at is that it's not okay to categorise a person based on anything... but hair colour? Are you serious? That's the most naive and immature way to make a judgement that I have ever heard of. Some of my guy friends have admitted to me that they prefer brunettes because blondes are meant to be more high maintenance... What?

This stereotype has gone on for so long that people have started to accept that's all blondes are. Have you forgotten Marilyn Monroe? She played the part of a dumb blonde in her career and lived by that stereotype until she died. Now she's gone all we can do is compliment her on what an intelligent and inspiring woman she really was. Living in the shadow of the name 'dumb blonde' meant she never could prove herself an intelligent and magnificent woman. She is an iconic example of why we aren't just that insulting nickname. We have more depth to us just like every living breathing person on this planet. 

I would like to say that I am a blonde. I'm not dumb. I will never be a gold digger, I live by what life offers not by what money can buy. I've never been tacky in any shape or form in my life and I have as much fun as any other care-free happy person. So none of this 'blonde bimbo' or 'blondes have more fun' crap. We do not live by a stereotype, so you have absolutely no reason to think that we do.

I have friends who have lovely blonde hair and they are worth so much more than these immature labels society has picked out.  But according to this awful archetype that has been created for us, we're still going to be looked upon by a few as tacky, gold digging, dumb blondes anyway right? 

Why not meet one of us, get to know us, and then maybe you can have the privilege of knowing exactly who we are as a person, not a hair colour. 

Emma x


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