Dancing In The Rain

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Do you ever have those moments where you feel completely content and lifted? Or where you twirl around when walking down the street just because you're happy? It's feeling of being completely free. And I mean feeling free of stress, anger, sadness and most of all - drama. 

I have these moments on rare occasions and I love them. I remember dancing in the rain with my friend as a storm brewed in the distance and the only reason we did it was because we were having fun and we felt like it. It was the best feeling because I was completely happy. 

Over time where I'm having these wonderful bursts of feeling more often, I have managed to discover how you can become a happier and more care free person. 

1. Don't go looking for someone to fall madly in love with. Accept the possibility it may happen in the future and leave it at that. Some people make a habit of waiting around for that special somebody whilst the world goes by. Why not live in the moment and find yourself pleasantly surprised when someone does come your way? 

2. Don't let yourself cling on to people you don't like. People you don't trust or respect aren't worth your time. You can't spend your time watching your back because of people you know. Rid yourself of them before they make you miserable. This one has been so hard for me to do at times, but it made me feel so much better knowing I didn't have people who didn't respect me in my life.

3. Push yourself to go out more and socialise. Don't be afraid to try new things and make more friends. When was that a bad thing?

4. Always say yes. You want to go abseiling? Do it. Don't hold back and wonder about what could have been. Do everything you can while your able to and look back with no regrets. Life's a hell of a lot more thrilling when you start taking risks.

5. Be fierce. If someone is being horrible to you or scheming against you, don't be afraid to put on your game face and fight back. The retaliation is what I like to call a necessary evil. It's not about becoming a horrible person, it's about being able to stand up for who you are and to have no fear in doing so.

6. At least once a week, clear your mind and just find peace with yourself. No matter how bad you think things are, there is always something or someone that you love who will pull you through your darkest times. 

7. Live by a motto you've picked yourself to inspire you. Mine is painted on my wall in my room so I always have it in my view:

And I also love this picture with the quote on that I found online

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This helped me massively. Especially number 5. I've had a hard time with people who don't like me and it's helped my self esteem by a tonne because now I don't feel ridiculous or stupid for standing up for myself and what I like.

Take note of these steps and use them to help you become someone who is more at ease with the world and what it has to offer. 



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