Confetti Cannon

So recently I discovered a confetti cannon in a night club?! It was possibly the best thing that's ever happened and it took me completely by surprise when the cannon exploded to the beat of 'Drinking from the Bottle'. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The only time I've ever danced whilst confetti was blasted into the air around me is when I've been at a concert. Coincidentally, when they get the confetti out, that's my favourite part.

I woke up the next morning to find a few stray pieces of confetti had made their way into my clutch and it made me smile. (I don't know if it's just me who has a special place in their heart for confetti for absolutely no other reason than because it's cute and fun)

If I had known I was going to blog about the night out I would have used a better camera rather than the one on my iPhone which is pretty shocking. But I found these photos on my phone and thought I'd share them with you. I'm anticipating the glorious day when I can upgrade to one of the newer models as soon as my contract ends. 

I also thought I would show you what the two of us (my friend Abi and I) wore on the night out! 

What I wore: Dress Miss Selfridge, Shoes Zara

What Abi wore: Dress Zara, Shoes and Necklace Topshop

Madhatter Teapot cocktail! Revolution De Cuba

The confetti covered floor in Revolution

Stowaway confetti found in my clutch the next morning



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