Doing It For The Boys?

Contemplating female empowerment during International Women's Day last week I was trying to think of the things that give me that mystical 'I can kick ass' feeling. Clothes of course! When you feel all cool and funky on the outside you walk with that extra bit of something in your step which radiates power and confidence. You imagine people will part for you as you walk down the street and a small child will stare at you with wide eyed amazement, wishing they will one day look that good.

Of course with this new confidence the world is your oyster and everything will simply fall into place. Or maybe not; at least not according to this post which was infamous on the Twitter/Tumblrspheres a while back. It outlined twenty three 'trends' which boys either don't get or shockhorror found unattractive! Whilst I do agree with some (harem pants anyone?), the hatred for all things high waisted was a personal attack. I discussed this with a male friend and thankfully he reassured me that the hair bows can stay and that it really doesn't matter what type of bikini you choose.
Most of the reactions to this post followed the lines of 'how dare you tell me what I can and cannot wear' and for this I was right there with them! I'm not going to chuck out my entire wardrobe for a few men that feel the need to stick their nose in where it is quite frankly not wanted.
I have always been a firm believer that the most attractive thing you can wear is confidence and so whatever brings that off-duty-model confidence to your day should be celebrated! I say that we should not be focusing our efforts on dressing for men because not all men are the same. Peplums for instance (number one on the list) can be used to balance a figure out or hide the lumps and bumps, high waisted items help the legs appear longer and skim nicely over the tummy to prevent muffin top. Personally I think these are the things people should be encouraged to wear and I'm sure Gok would agree with me!

Queen Bey has always worn clothes to accentuate her womanly figure 
Stick to what brings out your inner beauty and focus on that. If all else fails there is always a sassy Beyonce track to get you in the right frame of mind! Who runs the world?

xoxo Hannah

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