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A friend got me thinking about the things that inspire me the other day. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to share it with all of you lovely people and if I manage to inspire just one of you to dig out your Grandma's old sewing machine or her knitting needles then I've achieved something wonderful.

As you may have noticed by now, I consider myself quite a creative person. I'm almost always making something, thinking of a way of making something or studying an item to see how its made (shopping with me can be pretty tiresome with me as I stop every ten seconds to look at 'which seams they've used on that dress', ect). I'm never happier than when I'm creating something. I love the entire process, from the inspiration of the idea to the sketches, pattern making and so on. It all eventually leads to a (hopefully) beautiful item, made and though up by me. There is no greater feeling than someone complimenting an item of clothing you are wearing and you get to say, 'aw thanks, I made it myself'.
Back when my parents were young it was the norm to make pretty much all of your own clothes; it was cheaper. These days with the incredibly low prices of clothes, it is actually cheaper to buy ready made clothes. As a result sewing and other types of textiles has become less and less prominent, especially in Britain. This saddens me a little, I think textiles is something that anyone can do... and yes I mean that. It just takes a little determination. You may think back to that cushion you made in school when you were 13 and how awful it was, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Start with something simple, and work your way up. For instance one of my favourite things on this planet is my 'Liberty Book of Home Sewing'. Anyone I meet with similar interests to me gets this book shoved in their face, followed by 'LOOK AT THIS BOOK ITS AMAZING AND LOVELY AND WONDERFUL AND IT EVEN FEELS NICE, LOOK FEEL IT AHHHH'. After they've recovered from the shock of practically being knocked out, they usually agree with me. Number one, the book itself is gorgeous. Secondly, there are so many lovely things to make which vary in how much skill is needed. So you can start with the easier things, and eventually you'll be able to take on some of the more complicated things. It also has a chapter at the back with all the basic sewing tips you'll need to get started. There are so many little tips and tricks which make life so much easier when sewing; once you know them you never look back.
My best piece of advice I have when it comes to making something is to take it slow. Simple as that. I learnt this the hard way- my poor textiles teacher at secondary school must have wanted to strangle me at times because I rushed everything and made a botch job of it. Hence, having to undo it and do it again... and again (and again). If you take your time with things you end up with a much better result; it'll last longer and it will look (a lot) better. In addition to that piece of advice, don't try and skip out steps. Do what the instructions tell you, don't try and outsmart them because you won't win... trust me, I've tried it.

Once you've caught the textiles bug, you're stuck. Everything you see becomes a possible project or a 'I can make that better' challenge. It's such a great way to relax and just let your creativity flow. You'll have fun with colours, patterns, designs, different materials and you'll see inspiration everywhere. I'm not going to lie and say its all super easy. It can get frustrating at times, but so does everything right? Just once you start and you hit that first snag, don't give up! Keep working to overcome it and you'll find you learn from your mistakes and it only gets easier and even more enjoyable. Yet, don't forget that textiles isn't the only form of creativity. So if sewing, knitting, ect really isn't for you then there are so many other things you can have a go at. 

Plus, it's good for you! Go on, get creative. 

Becca x

P.S. Skirt update!! (a previous post of mine, take a look --> Making an organised mess) It is almost finished, hurrrrrah! Well, sort of.... I have around 4 or 5 more hours of hand-sewing left. But lets not dwell on that. Follow up post coming soon. 

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