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Since undertaking the massive task of hauling all my "most important" belongings to university with me this September it has taken a very long time to sort just how I like it.
Anyone who has been in a university Hall of Residence will know that it can be a challenge making such a limited space and blank canvas feel like the perfect home-away-from-home; hopefully you can get a little bit of inspiration from my pictures to push away the homesickness for a little bit longer.

Adding some cushions will add extra comfort on a lazy day and can bring a whole new dimension of colour to a plain bed

I love filling my walls with magazine cut outs and pictures of my friends, be sure to use white tac so you don't mark the wall!
This picture includes most of my closest friends and I love to look at it to bring back fun memories when I'm feeling homesick. I also brought a selection of my favourite DVDs for a rainy Sunday in bed!

Signs with funny or inspirational phrases bring a lot of personality to a small space!
A stack of books on my desk makes them easily accessible for study time, then other clutter is kept to a minimum by keeping it on my shelves.
Have you posted your room tour? Post a link the comments below for me to check out!



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