Balancing Blogging and University | #TeenBlogSeries

Week 7 of the #TeenBlogSeries has arrived and this week I will be giving my top tips for balancing your blogging life with your school work and friends.
I have officially been a university student for 3 weeks and already my time management skills have been tested! They weren't lying when they said that this would be a challenge. However, organisation is my middle name and I have been working hard to find you the best ways to balance everything and make it look easy.

1. Get Yourself a Diary!
When you've got lectures, assignments, a social life and maybe even a job you are going to need to be in about 10 different places in 1 day! Get yourself organised for the next month and write all of these things into a diary; making sure that the incredibly important ones are even programmed into your phone. Referring to this on a daily basis will ensure that no deadlines will sneak up on you, and you'll never end up double-booked.

2. Time to Structure Your Posts
Now you can see how much free time is left in your weeks you can work out exactly how much time you have left to blog. Be realistic; you're never going to be able to produce 10 posts in 2 hours, and as always it's quality over quantity!
Giving yourself a set post day will also help your followers know when to check back for your latest content; make it a big announcement!
Don't neglect twitter and other social media by scheduling them throughout the day either promoting your post or sparking conversation with your followers.

3. Don't Let Your Work Pile Up
Your work should be priority! (Especially if you're paying £9,000 a year for a degree) If you find yourself getting behind consider posting less that week, or on a different day?
Avoid drowning in notes by rewriting them after your lecture so you only have the key information, and it'll be a lot easier to understand once you need them again. If you feel like this is taking too long for you by yourself consider setting up a little group; each week one person can summarise their notes and then email it to the rest of you; like a cleaning rota, but there's no need to fight over bathroom duty!

4. Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep
We've all been there; your best friend is in need, work want you to cover an extra shift and you still haven't finished that essay off due in too soon! I am afraid it's time for some tough loving: Say NO! You are only one person and there are only 24 hours in the day, until we have Bernard's watch (reference anyone?!) we must be realistic with what we can commit to. Use your diary to set out your daily tasks and stick to them. That way you can keep your job, your best friend will still love you and you will hand that essay in on time; keeping your world spinning along nicely, without the need to pull a caffeine fueled all-nighter!

5. Make Time For the Memories
Whether you're in university or your last few years of school, you're coming to the time when you really have the freedom to venture out into the big, wide world. Go forth and make memories! Stay up late, watch the sunrise and spend whole days in bed with your best friends eating Nutella with a spoon, reliving classic episodes of Gossip Girl.
The real trick to helping your work-life balance is to blend them! Blog about your school things or use an afternoon with friends as material for a quick post! 'My Week in Photos' or 'My Bestfriend's Style' would all be easy to create and means you can enjoy the most important years of your life whilst still doing what you love.

Would love to know if you find any of these tips useful and if you think you've got an even better tip let me know in the comments!



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