Hair Care 101 | #TeenBlogSeries

Another Monday, another post from the #TeenBlogSeries! What have you guys been thinking so far?
This week was supposed to be around skin care officially; however all I do is pop on a bit of moisturiser occasionally *bad beauty blogger*, so instead I will tell you about all the ways I keep my hair looking tip top!

First thing first you must start with the basics; shampoo and conditioner. Always choose something appropriate to your current hair needs. Dandruff? Thick? Thin? Greasy? Uncontrollable? There will be something out there for you. If your hair is in need of some serious TLC I recommend starting with a few rounds of Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo; this will work to clarify the hair and get rid of any product build up. If your hair has a serious case of frizz look for something containing keratin or argon oil to smooth everything out. I like to keep the volume in my locks so I will use a shampoo which does not contain silicone, Pantene and Herbal Essences both do a good version, the silicone in regular hair products is what mostly builds up in the hair leaving it limp and greasy over time. Conditioner can also be used here if your hair requires it, personally I only use it weekly but drier hair may need more frequent use. For hair that has been a little neglected it may also be worth applying a leave in conditioner or hair mask to really help restore it to its natural beauty!

Once you have a good base remember that you are still working on your hair from the second you get out the shower. Try not to be too rigorous when towel drying as this puts excess stress on the scalp, and if you can, consider leaving your hair to dry naturally. If drying with a hair drier be sure to use a product here which protects against heat damage: a spray or argon oil should do the trick but just be careful not to build up too much product at this early stage! When blow drying it may also be helpful to use the attachments; the tapered nozzle is great for keeping your hair straight and the diffuser should encourage your natural wave and curl.

Now you have completely dry hair consider what hairstyle you next want to achieve and go for the most appropriate product for the task. Mousse will help with volume at the roots, and a serum should tame any flyaways if you are hoping for something a little sleeker. Choosing the right product first will stop from applying extra later and potentially undoing all your hard work so far. Keep the use of heat stylers to a minimum because, as we all know, they are damaging!

Finally time for the finishing touches! Gone are the good old days of glitter spray for your school disco; you need to get your big girl pants on and consider the day ahead. Will you need a hairspray to lock your hair in that exact position for 8 hours, or would you prefer something which provides a bit more flexibility? A salt spray is a good alternative when wanting to set curls without the crunch, and they also provide a bit of texture when things are looking too 'done'. Don't over do it on the salt spray though because it does suck moisture from the hair (and you've just spent so long trying to preserve it!) Sparingly apply serum to the last few stubborn hairs and pose for the perfect selfie... Your hair is looking Instagram worthy!



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