Tour de Bedroom

Tour de Bedroom... Tour de France? Get it!? eheheheheh... sorry.


My past two weeks have been pretty crazy. I've been getting lost more times than I can count, meeting about a billion new people, fixing up our new apartment, cleaning everything, going to bed way too late, trying to remember all the names for the billion new people and all the other things that go along with moving into a new city.

Now one of my all time favourite things about moving is being able to make a new space mine. Emil (my flatmate) and I were very lucky and managed to find a lovely little apartment in central Malmö and I've been dying to show you guys around!

...although Emil won't let me show his room because it's not finished yet and the kitchen is also not quite picture worthy yet, so for now you'll just have to live with having a peak in my room.


I've been wanting 
to have a clothes 
rail for ages now. 
I think clothes are
such lovely things
and shouldn't be
hidden away.
It's such a simple 
way to add colour
and texture to your 


                      This picture has one item I
really want to share with  you
and that is my Grandmothers 
sewing machine. As you may 
know, textiles is pretty much 
my life so this little machine is 
pretty significant to me. 




My little hair 
and make-up 
I like to have 
things laid out
in a nice order
because it 
looks pretty and 
tidy, okay? 

Don't judge me. 

Something else I love to have on show is my jewellery. Here I've put pins in the wall and used my necklaces as more of artwork than just something I wear around my neck occasionally. This way they're still seen and appreciated even when I'm not wearing them... plus they don't get all tangled when you hang them individually.   
Tangled jewellery = nightmare.


Fairy lights are very important and should be in my opinion, by law, in everyone's household. End of.


There you have it! My new room. I'm rather chuffed with it and I hope you liked it too! 

Ciao for now,



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