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Evening all! 

This weeks #teenblogseries post is a foodie one and don't we all love a little bit (who am I kidding... a lot) of good food.
Now we were a little bit stuck with who should write this one because none of us cook particularly much, especially not enough to blog about it. When I do cook it's usually a ready made pasta sauce with a bit of chicken, and maybe I'll occasionally venture onto risotto or something of that variant so not particularly invigorating. Then I realised my lovely flat mate, Emil, is one hella-good cook. I mean seriously I eat like a queen here and I hardly have to cook (not going to lie, it's pretty great). So I decided that I would blog on one of Emil's meals instead of mine, it would definetly be a little more interesting for you lovely people to read about. 

So then, lets get going shall we. 

I was extra spoilt this week as we even had a starter. Emil decided to go with an Italian theme serving Brochette with a vegetable topping for starters followed by a red pepper based pasta sauce with a beef saltimbocca (basically meat and herbs rolled up together if you didn't know what it is... like me). 


And then he broke the knife.....oops 

The absolutely delicious veg mix for the starter, which was mostly tomatos, with red onions, garlic and basil with a vinegar based dressing. Will definetly be requesting this again! 

He used garlic bread instead
of the more classic choice, but it
worked so well. The bread was fried in olive oil and then immediately served with a little butter and the topping. It. Was. SO. Good. My goodness. 

they see me rollin'... heh. Sorry I'll stop

By putting the toothpicks through them it stops them unrolling when you fry them. Frying in olive oil or rapeseed oil is a much healthier option. 

Emil's improvised pan lid.... hehe

tadaaa! The creamy
source had pleanty of lovely
crunchy veggies and red pepper. It was rather nice. You could subsitute the creme fresh with a light creme fresh for a healther meal. 

It was absolutely delicious, and I can definetly recommend this recipie. It's full of herbs and all vegetables so you can definitely add it to your healthy list... if you ignore the creme fresh (shhhh). 

I've left a link to the recipe he used, although it is in Swedish which may prove to be difficult if you can't read Swedish, if you can then great; 'yeah...everyone in Africa can read Swedish' (sorry couldn't resist a good ol' Mean Girls quote... if you didn't get that then I am ashamed of you and as a punishment you have to go and watch Mean Girls... immediately). But if not you could either copy and paste it into a translator or I've linked to some similar recipes I found so you can always use them instead.

Enjoy everyone!



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