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Summer is drawing to a close and we are starting to wake up to that lovely chill in the air. It's the beginning of a new season and, of course, with every new season comes new fashion. Autumn is one of my all time favourite seasons (okay, I say this at the beginning of most seasons, but shhh), especially for fashion. It's where the wooly jumpers, big fat warm scarfs and leather boots start to emerge; i.e. time to get cosy.

This weeks #teenblogseries is Autumn Fashion Staples and as you can imagine, with my love for Autumn I was pretty excited to be doing this post.
...Then it got to Friday and I came to the realisation that I would not have the time to get it done. This is due to us having a huge project last week and I was pretty much 24/7 working. So the oh so lovely Emma stepped in to save me by making it a shared post, isn't she the best?

Anyway, I'll stop whittering and we can get on with the actual point of this post; Autumn Fashion Staples.

Jumper & Jeans Topshop necklace New Look Boots Schuh Bag M&S Hat From a Wardrobe Swap party!

Okay, firstly can we all just take a moment to look at how incredibly cosy that jumper looks? Right?
The look Emma has gone for here is simple and easy to wear, yet without losing it's clear bo-ho style. Which is definitely something I saw a fair amount of on the Autumn catwalks this year, and which is now all over our shops. The bag makes the whole outfit look brighter and adds a little chic.

In my opinion the necklace ties this whole outfit together. You can't go wrong with a big chunky necklace over a simple jumper (unless the necklace/jumper is horrid, in which case... well, that wouldn't happen because I'm sure you dress impeccably).
This jumper also has such a lovely texture to it and the contrast with the necklace brings that out more. 
It's all about the ripped jeans right now and I love it! A definite autumn must have! Although, has anyone else had that problem where when you are putting the jeans on you get your foot stuck in the hole and rip them more every time? Because I do that pretty much every time I wear them... (it's probably just me) 
And of course, the beloved ankle boot. You can get them in all different styles; with a heal, with a buckle, flat, ect and I am utterly obsessed.

And here is Emma falling of a fence for your entertainment (Sorry Ems)

Emma's Note: I love this outfit because it's so relaxed! I'm a sucker for heeled ankle boots and was originally going to wear some for this post, but on lovely autumnal walks no one wears heeled boots unless they want to fall down a muddy hill and wreck them! Also, Becs is right, the jumper is so cosy. If it were a man, I'd marry it. Just saying! 

Huge shoutout to the gorgeous location that is Cromford. I'm a regular visitor and the place gets more beautiful every time I go there. 

Hope you enjoyed our post!




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