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Ever find yourself in a bit of a creative rut? When you're just producing the same old wash-rinse-repeat and can't seem to get you mojo back! It may be frustrating, but there is always a way to get back that creative flair and I'm going to share with you what we here at Be Beautiful do when writer's block strikes.

Firstly the best thing to do is to extract yourself from the situation. Go and do something completely unrelated to the task; it doesn't really matter what it is, as long as your mind is occupied. Some things I recommend are chatting to a friend, reading a book or blasting the music and having a dance (there's your workout aswell!) By doing something else you are able to release the stress and the weight of the task is smaller upon returning. It may even be the case that you need to step away for an even longer amount of time, just be sure you aren't procrastinating.

I like to see if I can take inspiration from other blogs, Youtube videos or magazines. Make sure you don't outright copy anyone else's original idea; if you see someone posting about their favourite lipsticks you might want to produce a selection of other things you've been loving. This can of course be applied to whatever your subject is. Even looking at articles almost unrelated to your usual content can help you to garner ideas which are a unique hybrid of the two. Experimentation is key when it comes to originality!

Sometimes I have issues with focusing on the task at hand. I used my favourite revision technique for this one: music! I spend a few minutes making an extensive playlist of all my favourite songs from my iTunes, plug in my headphones and get lost in the music. It kills my desire for procrastination straight away and I return to the task focused and determined. Choosing upbeat music will fuel a positive working mind and the words will flow naturally. Of course if you're writing something a bit more serious or sinister you may want to alter your choices slightly...
Some of the artists which I enjoy the most are Tinie Tempah, Fall Out Boy and Avicii.

In the above picture is an app called Smiling Mind. It is a simple meditation-type program which is targeted at stressed teens but used by any age. You select what section you would like to focus on then a calm voice guides you through a simple session. I am left feeling calm, optimistic and ready to go! Not only is this great for helping with your work; it would help unwind a stressed mind ready for sleep or help you prepare for the day.

Even after all of these sometimes the best content will come in the moment. If you are in the right frame of mind your passion and enthusiasm really does shine through to your readers; which is always so important. People want to read about something so they can share in your passion - make sure this is what they're getting.

How else do you find your inspiration?

xoxo Hannah



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