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So a fabulous trend that I am all for had just landed. It's rings.. For your hair. Sounds a bit weird right? Well here's hoping I'll change your mind about that!

Picture: AnouskaProettaBrandon

I've been scouring all the blogs lately trying to find this trend. Surprisingly not many bloggers have latched on yet but the ones who have really pulled it off! This post is my favourite. It proves that you can wear them in a way that makes them more girly than edgy or grungy. I think the grunge factor is the main reason these rings haven't taken off as quickly as anticipated. So take notes if you want to keep a more feminine touch with the trend!

Picture: LoveBlair

There aren't just small thin rings to incorporate into plaits or braids but thick rings like this beautiful rose gold one which substitute as hair bands. 

Picture: HairRomance

I've also caught glimpses of engraved (as above) or bejewelled rings that add personality. They remind me of the hair bands that you could buy as a child that had a plastic cuff painted gold or silver that you could tie your ponytail or braid with. Very retro! 

However my absolute favourite way of wearing them is the DIY way. I don't know if I've invented this or if it's actually what the rings progressed from but I personally love going through my own ring collection and using those in my hair. 

Of course these rings aren't small enough to use in smaller hair braids that you can wear with your hair loose, but they are an interesting and personal tweak to the trend. I do have tiny rings from the midi ring craze so they would work just fine as well. Saves the hassle of trying to afford a whole new set of rings when the ones you have at home are just as good. 

As you've probably gathered, I'm dying to see this trend grow so let me know what you think and get involved! 

Emma x



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