The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello lovelies!

So, we are so thrilled to be nominated for another award! The Liebster Award was one thing but now the Very Inspiring Blogger Award too?! We're so grateful to Beth who runs Reading Something New Everyday so thank you for nominating us!

So here are the rules:
1. Thank and link the person who nominated you
2. List the rules as well as display the award
3. Then share 7 things/facts about you
4. Nominated 15 other amazing and inspiring blogs and notify them on their blog that you have nominated them - also link their blog when nominating them
5. This rule is optional, you can display the award logo anywhere on your blog home page

  1. I can speak another language! (German) And also I'm currently learning Spanish and Greek
  2. My thumbs aren't the same size as each other! (ooer)
  3. I don't feel like myself if I haven't got my rings on! Love them so much
  4. I can read Tarot cards 
  5. I love musicals and visit West End quite a lot! 
  6. A can of beans was dropped on my head when I was a child - thanks mum!
  7. I'm incredibly clumsy. If I tried to do a cartwheel I'd probably end up killing myself. 
  1. I love to dance. I will literally start dancing anywhere.
  2. I have a strange intuition for knowing where the car is parked, or what direction we should be going in.
  3. I am a nail varnish junkie. I haven't even worn some of the colours I own.
  4. My fave Disney movie is Aladdin.
  5. I am the smallest of the bloggers at Be Beautiful; a petite 5'3''.
  6. My favourite junk food is lightly salted Doritos with mild salsa.
  7.  I am a total history geek.
  1. I have no passport and I haven't been home since October and I WANT TO GO HOME. So if the passport office would like to hurry up with my application, I'd much appreciate it as it has been almost 6 weeks now (six bloody weeks, what are they even doing with it) - sorry, this is all thats on my mind at present I'll make the next one less depressing for you.
  2. I crocheted 4 and a quarter pairs of mittens this autumn... I went a little ott
  3. I currently live in Sweden, studying textiles.
  4. I slowly turning into a hippy. I have recently fallen completely in love with yoga and I'm trying to completely give up processed sugar because its really bad for you (turns out it is really hard because there is sugar in everything; even tacos...)
  5. I always call koalas pandas because, well, I have no idea it just happens.
  6. My current favourite film is stardust. Just such a feel good film (my favorite film changes pretty much every week)
  7. I really really really like sewing... and doing anything of that sort. 

Until next time

The BE Beautiful girls xxx



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