Dior Vernis Nail Polish Review: Beige Safari 219

Hello lovelies,

I am always on the look out for a nude nail varnish as I really enjoy a classic look when it comes to nails.

I actually got the Dior Vernis polish as a christmas present from my mum last year (feels weird saying that as it was only 8 days ago!). Being a fan of Dior make up I was thrilled and the colour looked perfect. In all honesty the name 'beige safari' made me fall in love before I'd even tried it!

Firstly, the packaging is amazing. It's classic and it looks expensive. It has the initials 'CD' engraved on the lid, and the Dior logo and colour of the polish front facing on the bottle. It really is stunning.

The applicator brush is easy to use and glides easily along your nails to give you a flawless finish.

The polish itself is a beautiful colour. You can apply one coat which is semi-opaque and compliments your nails with a sheer glow. I personally wouldn't wear this look but if you're looking for a natural sheer finish on your nails than this is perfect for that. The second option is to apply the polish in layers to create a fully opaque look.

The polish dries with a shine to it and it almost gives you a gel polish finish, only its not as thick or as much of a hassle to get off when you want to change colour or redo a nail.

It's also long lasting and not as easy to chip as other designer polishes. That being said always remember to apply a top coat to ensure your polish lasts longer.

I'm going to check out the full range of Dior Vernis nail polishes and see what other colours they have  because this one is so great and I love it.

Each one is £18.00 in price and I really think you get your money's worth! Plus if it's a colour you know you're going to wear a lot, then you need to invest in something with higher sustainability.

Emma x

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