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As someone who has very fair skin and blonde hair, it's very difficult to find lipstick colours that suit me without washing me out or looking completely ridiculous. I have stuck to nude colours or just plain lip blam on my lips for a long time now. I watch make up tutorials and can't help but be envious of all these artists who can wear virtually any colour lipstick they like. 

With that in mind I set out last weekend with one goal in mind: find and purchase a lipstick in a colour that is completely out of my comfort zone. That mission failed. I came back having purchased two! 

I had absolutely no strategy when shopping to complete the task at hand  until I spotted the YSL counter. I had purchased a gorgeous nude lipstick from them before Christmas last year so I knew the quality of the brand already. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I now had three much loved YSL lipsticks in my make up bag. 

As I know how hard it is to find lipsticks to go hand-in-hand with a fair complexion I decided to create this blog post to show you these beautiful and extremely complimentary lipstick shades. These shades are also lovely even if you're not fair skinned or blonde so check them out! 

First up is the first YSL Lipstick I bought and the one that kick-started my fetish with the brand's lipstick ranges. 

This is the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in the colour No. 10 Beige Tribute. It is highly pigmented and is light and creamy when applying it to your lips. The colour itself had a slight hint of pink which gives your natural lip colour a subtle girlish glow. Due to the slight shine the lipstick gives there is no need to add lipgloss. It looks perfect on its own.

The next lipstick is a coral. As many of my friends will know, coral is the one colour I try to avoid and Hannah who was my partner in crime on this mission had to do a lot of persuading to get me to try it. But this particular coral is lovely and I really like it. Who knew!

This lipstick is part of the Rouge Pur Couture GoIden Lustre range and the colour is No. 109 Corail D'Or. The only difference I've noticed between the Rouge Pur Couture and the Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre ranges is that the Golden Lustre lipstick has more shimmer to it adding a subtle sparkle to the finished look. This is also going to be a hot shade in summer and I can't wait to rock it! 

And finally, the most scary looking lipstick of the three and the one that totally surprised me when I saw it on.

This lipstick is in the Volupté Sheer Candy range and I bought it in shade No. 5 Mouthwatering Berry. It looks like a vampy deep burgundy when you see it like this but put it on and it looks entirely different. This is my favourite lipstick by far, it is a lip balm and lipstick in one complete with a fruit extract. I love it and it's perfect for winter as it not only looks good on but it nourishes your lips in the process. You can't go wrong! 

Swatches of each shade (L-R): Rouge Pur Couture. No. 10 Beige Tribute, Golden Lustre No. 109 Corail D'or, Volupté Sheer Candy No. 5 Mouthwatering Berry

I love YSL lipsticks and would recommend them to anyone without a second thought. You definitely get what you pay for. 

My advice for anyone out there is to embrace change and to not be afraid to try something completely out of your comfort zone when it comes to make up. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't look right when you test it in store and you don't buy it. The rush of trying something new and loving it is well worth the effort! 

Emma x



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