So I'm currently chilling in Australia.

It started in November when me and my cousin (although we’re more of twin-sisters) were missing each other like crazy- she’s studying here in Sydney – and we started playing around with the idea of me visiting for Christmas and New Years. It all felt pretty unlikely as it was short notice and it would cost too much. I had a look at tickets and found that the tickets were actually affordable, so I booked one and well, here I am! 

So, I am here for a month and I’m loving it so much. Sydney is such a beautiful city in the sun and we’re living with Bondi beach on our doorstep- bliss. The thing I like most about living here is the style! It’s all no make-up, beach hair and big floaty patterned clothes. It’s so comfortable and looks great. It’s even acceptable to walk around Bondi with no shoes on, which I so love. Everyone is so chilled and happy. Oh and I forgot to mention, everyone is BEAUTIFUL…. Including all the (topless) surfer guys. So I thought I’d do a post with a few of my favorite items and get you all excited for summer.

RAYBANS- these are my babies. I wear them allll the time, they go with anything and so suit my style. I nearly lost them in the sea which made me want to drown myself in it, but my wonderful friend Amanda found them. They did cost a fair amount, but they are so worth it.

NEW TROUSERS- these are so silky and comfortable, and hide my mosquito bite ridden legs (I seem to have all the mossy bites in Sydney as no one else gets them but me-WHY!?) Plus they're perfect for those slightly chill nights out at a summery event of some sort.

Modelled by the gorgeous Eloise, on a sailing boat, in the middle of the Whitsunday Islands...
take me back!

NEW KIMONO- this is just amazing and was quite cheap and I will love it forever. It's great for those summer evenings, or just a light cover up from the sun. It's got some really gorgeous strong colours that'll make you stand out in any occasion!

NEW SHOES- These are so great because I can dress them up and down and THEY ARE SO COMFY I can run around in them all day, so they are amazing for nights out or a shopping trip, what ever you choose.

FURLA ticket thing- its beautiful, real leather and is so useful. I also feel cool and like I should be in first class when I use it. (I will get into first class some way, I will do it)

*So, I have no picture of my Furla ticket thing because a taxi driver stole it (massive douchebag). But funnily enough, as a result of this being stolen (it had my passport in it) I ended up having to fly business class. One step closer to first class, aw yeah. This is because that was my only way of getting home due to unavailability of flights as I had to miss my original one. Basically, it all ended up pretty hunky-dory (for all except for my bank account, but lets ignore that).*

Okay, I need to stop now as I just love everything. Oh and a tip for you all, start on your summer bodies now! Don’t wait till April and then have a panic because you haven’t got enough time, start now and you’ll be hot to trot (well even hotter than you already are).

Love you all and missing you! 

Becca x

*P.S. I ended up finishing off this post back home in Sweden as I was a little busy loving life in Australia, but I had fun putting all my summer clothes back on when it's -5 outside. It was all very surreal.*

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