Life with Chai

Recently I have been loving Chai Latte. I tried it at my friend Hope's house and loved it. So as a christmas present she gave me my very own Chai Latte powder! I think it was a subtle way of telling me to stop drinking all her chai. Sorry!

Out of curiosity I looked up Chai Latte to see how it benefits me. As it turns out it's a really good way to look after your health. So I thought I'd let you know that besides from being irresistibly delicious, chai is good for you in lots of different ways.

The Breakfast Club mug was also courtesy of my friend Hope. For that reason I only drink Chai Latte out of that mug, the two go hand-in-hand.

Chai contains black tea which as most people know, is full of antioxidants and the spices used in chai have been used for many years to treat illnesses and promote healthy lifestyle.

Chai also includes the following which are all beneficial in their own ways:

  • Cinnamon - thought to increase circulation and help with open breathing. Plus I do love a cinnamon pretzel every now and then - yum.
  • Cardamom - benefits the kidneys, lungs and heart.
  • Black pepper - supports metabolism, and is meant to relieve coldness. (definitely a perk at this time of year!)
  • Nutmeg - it's known for it's ability to help you digest heavy foods. So after a pig-out sesh in front on the tv, might be an idea to snuggle up in bed with some chai.
  • Chinese Satar Anise - is used frequently as a cough remedy and to freshen your breath! I personally haven't heard of this herb, but i have been ill lately and I have a feeling that it might be the chai that's helping me cope. Plus, a drink that freshens your breath can't be bad
  • Ginger - I love ginger. I used to have ginger in everything when I had a bad stomach and it settled in with no problems whatsoever. I've never been more happy with a herbal treatment than I was using ginger. 
Chai Latte also contains roughly a third of the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, so it helps reduce your intake throughout the day but still giving you the boost you need.

Other than that, it just tastes good! It smells pretty amazing too.



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