The Holy Grail

Finally it is mine! The Naked Palette by Urban Decay! The be all and end all of eye shadow palettes!
My excitement at finally receiving this for Christmas, after roughing it with the MUA 'Undressed' dupe, was cosmic and it definitely lives up to the hype.

I won't waste your time with swatches because they are all over the internet but I will tell you my favourite colours are Sidecar and Buck for a really easy wash of colour on a 'lazy make up day'. However Gunmetal is brilliant to experiment with for parties and will probably look extra striking with green eyes.
I even found a good trick is to use a small amount of Virgin when trying to blend the edges into the skin; this just makes it a little easier and subtler.

I will definitely be buying the other two Naked Palettes to complete my collection because they all just look so perfect and I cannot wait to experiment more with colour as we get into spring.

Till next time, xoxo Hannah



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