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Mascara is a much loved and well used beauty product for every girl out there and it's only natural that for those reasons you want a mascara that is perfect for you. Unfortunately being the indulgent shopper that I am, I have three mascaras that I use regularly.

When it comes to a lot of beauty products that I buy, I like to save up and splash out on something that I know is good quality and that will wear a lot better than drugstore brands. Once you buy a high quality mascara there is no going back. It doesn't have any drop-down product during the day and the applicators ensure you don't end up with clumpy eyelashes. Also I find drugstore brand mascaras have plastic applicators that are scratchy and irritable when applying your mascara and there's more of a chance of you adopting a watery-eyed look for the rest of the day which is never nice.

So here are my three must have mascaras and you won't be surprised to learn that the designers I bought from were YSL and Dior. I love them too much to shop elsewhere! 

First up is my favourite the Babydoll YSL mascara. It's amazing to apply and separates your lashes giving you a more natural look. You can also apply more coats to enhance drama. It's amazing and I use it everyday. 

The next mascara us again YSL but it is the Shocking mascara which is a lot thicker when applying and the brush is softer so it does give the lashes a thicker fuller finish. It can be worn as a daytime or evening look.

Finally is the Dior Showcase mascara that also comes with a lash primer/conditioner. This mascara definitely focuses on not just the effect it gives your lashes but also the conditioning of them. The primer can be applied before mascara and also applied at night before bed to condition and nourish your lashes overnight. It really is a great additional product. The mascara itself is gorgeous and the applicator is shaped to define and elongate your lashes and is great for a feline lash look on a night out.

Sometimes having to pay that little bit extra is worth it!

Emma x



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