My End of Year Wish List!

Hello lovelies,

As it's coming up to the end of the year I wanted to share with you what I've been loving the most this year and what has been on my wish list these past few months. A lot of these things I unfortunately can't afford but I like to use them as inspiration when shopping. Who knows, maybe I'll find something similar in the end of year sales!

1. Ankle boots! 

I have a huge fetish for heeled ankle boots at the moment and here are my favourite ones. Typically, both styles are by Louis Vuitton and I can't have them but they're great for keeping in mind when looking for winter/spring boots in the sales.

The first is the legacy boot in calf leather. I personally prefer the burgundy but black is more practical and you can build more outfits with that colour. If you're planning on splurging this year it's always a good idea to buy boots in a colour that will go with the vast majority of items in your wardrobe.
The Louis Vuitton Legacy Boot is also very flattering for your legs and foot shape. The top fits more comfortably around your ankle and it won't gape like a lot of high street branded styles. This allows your feet to look more elegant when walking and less 'clumpy'. Plus a heel is always going to elongate your legs and dress up a plain outfit in a heartbeat. 

The Louis Vuitton Cavalry Boot in calf leather is my second style choice. It is more of an occasion boot and I would wear these for drinks with friends and other various nights out. I also think they make the perfect statement for a day time look and add an extra 'wow' factor to your outfit. 

The perks about this boot is although it's got a killer octagonal heel, it's a platform boot, enhancing your comfort and this also detracts from the height of the heel for your feet. My favourite feature has got to be the ankle support. The boot is slightly taller than a regular ankle boot and this contributes to supporting you, complimenting the heeled aspect. The buckle detail really gives the boot that extra something and makes me love this boot all the more! 

2. Coat

I love this Acne jacket at the moment and think it's perfect as a dressed down evening jacket for when a big wooly thick coat isn't really appropriate. The unique zip design gives it that something extra and detracts from the illusion of being a simple black jacket and therefore makes it perfect the wear with a dress of fancy outfit. Instead of your coat downplaying your look, it just adds to your style and looks great!

3. Scent 

Coco Mademoiselle is my favourite perfume ever! I have the spray bottle that isn't as pretty and the perfume bottle in the picture above. There's no real difference between the two part from the bottle style but I think this ones prettier haha! I'm coming to an end of mine at the moment so I'm looking forward to buying myself this pretty bottle for my next one! :)

4. Accessories

I'm someone who buys one accessorie at a time but for a larger price because I value quality in my jewellery. I like my few pieces to last me a long time and to never stain my fingers green if it's a ring or to break easily if it's a bracelet or necklace. 

I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet at the moment. It's a little different to standard jewellery as it has a more casual vibe to it. I love the way that it wraps around your wrist but the plaque makes it look classy and elegant at the same time. It's perfect for a more laid back look and because of it's casual nature, you can wear it more often and not have to save it for special occasions. 

5. Cosmetics

The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay of course! I like the more rosy tones in this palette as they suit blue eyes really well and they're perfect shades for spring time. I have a strong feeling that these eye shadows are going to be a big hit now and going on into next year. I'm all for these lovely warm tones and personally can't wait! 

That's it for my wish list. I'm sure there are plenty more things I have my eye on but these are my top five ideas currently! I hope this has inspired you on your hunt for some bargains during the sales.

Emma x 



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