How to: Create the perfect personality moodboard

Hey guys, 

As part of my job I have to create my own personality mood board. This acts as an insight into who you are and it also allows you to get to know your colleagues better when looking at theirs as well. I personally had a lot of fun creating my mood board and although I'm very happy with my finished board, it was actually a lot more difficult than I expected. This then inspired me to blog about creating it to help you when you want to create your own! 

So this is the finished product, I really love it I've crammed so much of myself onto it. 

So to start with I decided to put my one true icon on my mood board. In special tribute I also drew and created a DIY version of Miss Monroe herself and I apologise now for her face haha. I think it's important to put on the one person or film or quote that gives you inspiration everyday as it's a very personal and important part of yourself. 

So here is one of my favourite photos of Marilyn and then my own creation of her. I'm proud of the dress it took me forever but it paid off! 

The second part to any mood board is cute or funny quotes or sayings that you use a lot or just genuinely like! 

As you can see I've used some floral material I had left over from making my own bunting and used it as a back ground for my 'too sassy for you' heart. I think bits of material or just pictures of flowers or patterns are always useful to use to fill gaps to layer pictures on top. 

This next part was just something I feel strongly about as I am dying to save up and travel around the world. So the wanderlust picture is definitely something I had to include! 

Including pictures from your favourite movies or tv shows is always a must! I couldn't use some quotes I had in mind because of inappropriate language but if you're making a mood board just to put up in your room you don't have to take the same precautions I did, which evidently makes yours more about you! 

All these three films are my very favourites whether they're from my childhood or just hold special memories for me. For example, when I was in hospital on the children's ward I watched Peter Pan on repeat all day and night before they let me go home and gave me the video as I loved it so much. I thought it was so lovely they gave it me that I cried haha.

And now into a much loved and thought out section - FASHION. It took me so long to decide what to put in my fashion corner because I love so many things! These are the pictures I settled on.

I realise there is only one coat and the rest are all dresses but the dresses are so pretty I couldn't say no! Especially the gold Grecian style dress, it's my absolute favourite and I have about five pictures of it scattered around my room and in my special little scrapbook of fashion I have. Love love love it! 

And then last but not least I had the idea to incorporate my little food and drink habits. I am always eating strawberries and chocolate when it's strawberry season and I like to pick them myself as well. I'm also a sucker for a nice cup of tea or coffee in a cute little tea cup at work or home or wherever I am! 

So this is it for my mood board blog post! There are so many more things you can include on your mood boards such as pictures of friends and family, music, favourite celebrities and so on, the beauty of your own mood board is you make your own rules! You can turn a whole bedroom wall into your own mood board if you wanted to! 

I hope this has helped inspire and give you ideas for your mood board, and I hope you have as much fun creating a collage of different aspects of your personality as I did. 

Emma x



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