Wrapped Around My Fingers

Well I shall be the first to say there's only one thing to do when you go to any spanish island and that is to buy some rings! I've learnt over the years that spanish rings are the best. They're quirky yet elegant, fun but sophisticated and they last you a lifetime. With rings, the investment is always worth it. Don't waste time buying a £12 ring from Topshop that will stain your finger after a couple of wears, invest in better quality and save yourself money. £12 to wear a ring twice is a con.

This purchase was completely spontaneous. We spotted this tucked inside a small shopping mall and decided to explore. The José Santillán Gallery was the poshest shopping experience of my life! It's not every day you get given a divine fizzy rosé in champagne flutes as an indulgence whilst browsing. The personal shopper experience was overwhelming but we found they were really lovely people and so helpful!

This ring is in the gorgeous turquoise colour that I'm unhealthily obsessed with this year. It's a perfect summer accessory colour. The scaly effect is due to the fact the ring was hand crafted with Stingray skin. Like I said, I love quirky! 

The plated back is mother of pearl and the band itself is made of plated silver. The band is also adjustable as it wraps around your finger, allowing you to tighten and loosen it as you please. Normally I can't stand adjustable rings as they pinch the skin and look cheap but this one has been crafted beautifully and the adjustable element comes across as extremely elegant. 

I was reassured about the quality of the jewellery in the shop when the lady showed me a €500 ring as well! Maybe next time...

This one was bought right from inside my hotel. The jewellery shop in the lobby made my day when I arrived after a long flight of screaming kids and absolute chaos. However, you'll be surprised to know I refrained myself from buying until the end of the week. I managed to convince myself to scope out the rest of the jewellers before settling for one. WILL POWER. 

I know I'm supposed to be writing about the ring but I actually really liked the bag they gave me for it. It's like a newspaper print and I just thought it was a refreshing idea. 

As you can see the ring has a grecian pattern incorporated in the band. I bought this with the intention of it being a thumb ring because it's simple and doesn't overpower the other rings I wear on a daily basis. 

I love my pandora rings from the UK but my spanish rings are more unique and there's less chance of someone having the same as me! 

Foreign or home ring purchasing? Hmm.

Emma x



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