Father's Day

Happy Sunday everyone!
It is that day again where we choose to celebrate that one man who is the most special in your life. Your protector, your taxi and often your personal bank; this man can do it all!
Having a female vs car moment? He'll be there! Feeling a bit glum? He has a joke for every occasion (unfortunately!)
Your Dad has helped you grow to be the amazing individual that you are today. Guiding you in the right direction and embarassing you in front of the crush; it's all in a days work for a father! Today whether your Dad is near or far take the time to show him some love.
Of course when it comes to the gifts it is the thought that counts because what really matters today is about putting the spotlight on that one person. Let them know how much they mean to you because everyone knows you never say it enough!
Make him a cup of tea and pop the footy highlights on, or make all the right appreciative noises if he decides to treat you to one of his 'world class' barbeques (what is it with men and fire?!) Whatever it is that will make the day special to him!

So grab your dads, stepdads, grandads, uncles and all the males who make your life special and let them know it!
Fingers crossed the sun will be shining! How will you be treating your Dad?

xoxo Hannah



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