Duty Free Indulgence

There is only one reason why I'm unable to get to my gate to board a plane in time and that is duty free. Not only are there discounts on products but also offers for money off on top of that. As I never got past the Mac counter, I felt obliged to save not only 20% off the price of everything but an extra £15 off my overall price.

So here's my beautiful little Mac Cosmetics haul! I decided to snag a couple of new collection products as well as some favourites of mine. 

So I'll dive right in to my Alluring Aquatic collection purchases. The dimension eye shadows were all so beautiful but my favourite was sea worship. The shadow packs on beautifully and blends like a dream. The coppery deep green shimmer is perfect for a smokey eye on a night out. I've also found it's subtle enough for a day time look which is a bonus! Loving multi-purpose make up at the moment.

The split fibre eye shadow brush is my favourite though. It packs colour on one side whilst the other blends out the shadow to diminish harsh lines. I've found it perfect for when I'm using one colour on my lid. With shades such as 'club' 'woodwinked' and 'sea worship' that create crease colours when blended out, it's a perfect 'no fuss' brush to pull out of the make up bag. Although I do love to take my time with make up application, there are some days when switching to three different brushes just for eye shadow can be more of a chore. This brush is the perfect solution so I'd grab it off the shelves before it's gone! 

Next is this gorgeous blush shade. It can only be described as a flirty colour in my eyes. It's a lovely pink with a hint of shimmer that compliments a fresh tan perfectly. I also find it's not a very 'in your face' shade so looks fairly natural, but there is that element of boldness that most natural blusher shades lack. Perfect for date night! 

Swatches: (Bottom - Top) At Dusk - Blusher, Sea Worship - Eye Shadow

With me heading off to Tenerife where the sun kisses you even from behind the clouds, I wanted to invest in a lipstick that would compliment my tan just as well at my blusher. 

This politely pink lustre lipstick was everything I was looking for and more. It applies beautifully; one coat and I'm ready to go. The creamy texture feels incredible and the amount of shimmer reflects the light beautifully making your lips look fuller and healthier. Lipsticks can have a habit of drawing attention to cracked or dry lips but this one hides those flaws well (a must have in summer!) and it moisturises. It's a win win.

And finally, where would we be if I didn't pick up the holy grail of blending brushes itself? I love my 217 to death and it's never far from my reach. It's soft touch is heavenly and I could blend for hours with it and not feel even a faint scratch. Good quality make up brushes seriously make my day. There's no point in buying good make up without the right application tools - a tip for the future! You'll never be happier with your make up than when you've used the right tools.

With my savings on these purchases I feel absolutely no guilt, just happiness. Duty free makes my holidays 100x more amazing! 

What would be your go to duty free make up?

Emma x

ps. As if to prove a point, I have been sent this by my dad. If your dad knows the make up brand you love then you've done well! All that constant drilling about how great mac is has paid off. Proud of you dad!



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