Versace FW14

So I've been looking through all the fall/winter shows this past week and I'm already completely obsessed with Versace! I just want everything from their spectacular military styled runway show which was performed to perfection may I just say. What an incredible collection they have this season! 

A moment of silence for the return of the 70s wild child fashion craze please. 

The beautiful black and gold knee highs and the wonderfully bulky statement jewellery is enough to make anyone fall in love, not even mentioning the wild child meets military soldier style clash. The best fashion clash of all time maybe. 

One thing I've noticed is not many of the pieces include a lot of pattern or detailing. It's all about simple quriky styles with vamped up accessories. I personally love the idea Versace creating, being a jewellery junkie and all that. 

I can't wait for this trend to hit it off as it's so up my street! Let me know if you love it as much as me! 

Emma x



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