Finsbury Park 23.05.14

As I'm sure you've all gathered by now, I went to Finsbury Park last friday and absolutely loved it! Not only did I get to see my two favourite people perform live, I also had a great day out in London the girls. 

Seeing as we're always singing some form of Miles Kane or Arctic Monkeys song in the car, it was only appropriate that in November we jumped at the opportunity to see them live at the same venue this year. 

It was also necessary to purchase AM related shirts to wear as well. Yep, we looked like proper die hard fans wandering around London for most of the day. A sarcastic comment 'I wonder where they're going' was made more than once but who cares?! We had fun.

 I had the idea we should buy this for our friend.
This is always a favourite to sing along to!

My favourite song from their most recent album AM. 
I don't care if it's a b-side I love it so much!

We saw sets from both Royal Blood and Tame Impala as well. I liked Royal Blood as they were upbeat and got the crowd going but Tame Impala were quite boring. Don't get me wrong their music is good but it didn't feel right to have them on just before AM. 

I have to say, I enjoyed Miles Kane more than I did the main attraction - sorry not sorry! He was brilliant; hiding from the crowd and appearing in front of the camera. Not only that but he was just his usual self and was just awesome to watch full stop. There was a lot more crowd interaction from him than anyone as well which is what I like, as long as they don't interrupt themselves in the middle of a song. 

Miles in his blue checked jacket. I was a little disappointed
he didn't whip out his red suit instead.

Alex on the other hand was just as good singing-wise but apart from the odd line such as 'this one is for the ladies' he didn't really say much to the crowd. Once I got past the flares being tossed in my face and the people continuously shoving us around trying to start a mosh pit, it was one of the best experiences in my life. Definitely the best concert.

My converse were covered in mud and completely wrecked from the day but I absolutely loved it. You know you've been at a good concert when you're covered in someone else's drink and at least something you own is covered in dirt.

If you read my last post Flying the Nest, you'll know I wanted to do something different to document this event. So I kept my word and here is my first ever vlog! Like I mention in the description I am not the world's best camera person or editor and it was more about having something for me and my friends to look back on to remember what a great time we all had.


Emma x



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