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Hey guys! I have a discovery of not just a product but a whole brand that I am dying to share with you. If you haven't heard of this brand - you will. It's been featured in the likes of Vogue and Cosmo magazine and here's why..

The brand I'm talking about is Arbonne. It focuses on giving you 100% product minus all the nasty chemicals in most other drugstore and high end make up brands. These amazing products aren't sold online because they're shelf life is one year whereas other brands are lasting up to seven years in stores. Can you imagine what chemicals are in these drugstore brands that are allowing you to keep a foundation for that long? It's not worth thinking about!

To top it off all products are completely natural and vegan friendly. Such a beautifully and ethically made purchase.

So I'm focusing on the eye palettes that I have been given to test and try out. I couldn't be happier with the finished results and how well they treat my sensitive skin type.

So each set comes with four shadows, mascara and an eye make up remover. I'm focusing on the shadows for now but will talk about the mascara and eye make up remover later in this post. This set is for natural eyes and I've applied this following the instructions given ever since I took it home. 

 So you get three matte shades and one with a slight shimmer. (L-R) The shades are Vanilla, Java, Smoke and Sand. 

Here is the look that I have created via the instructions as a subtly smokey neutral eye. The shadows are extremely pigmented and easy to smudge and blend for you to create the desired effect. I don't feel the need to wear any eyeliner to add emphasis to my lash line because this kit does it all for me! I'm so addicted to a laid-back natural look at the moment so this is beyond perfect.

Next is the smokey eye palette which is definitely more of an evening look. You could also wear these shades with a softer effect for a dramatic daytime look if that's more to your comfort zone. 

(L-R) Suede, Cabernet, Linen and Chocolate

So as a purple smokey eye has been on trend this year, this eye set has focused on introducing a purple haze to a brown smokey eye. I should also mention that these shadows are water friendly, so wetting your brush and using the shades with a creamy consistency to enhance colour is always an option!

I decided to keep my eyes fairly muted when it came to manufacturing my perfect smokey eye. With the depth to colours I didn't feel the need to over-use what was given to me. I'm really pleased with the outcome and the colours really work well against my pale skin complexion. 

The instructions on the box lid will be your saviour. The look they encourage you to create is beautiful and elegant so top marks for that too Arbonne!

As I mentioned earlier, the sets both come with a mascara and eye make up remover:

The mascara is the holy grail of all mascaras in my opinion. My lashes look fuller, longer and I've had to tell people I'm not wearing eye liner because they look so defined! You always know a product works when other people compliment and comment on it.

Then we have the eye make up remover. I've always used oily removers which make my eyes feel heavy and just really gross in general. It was refreshing to find out that the Arbonne remover was a completely different experience. It feels like pushing water over your lids and the make up glides off easily. What more could you want?

I really hope you've enjoyed this post and go and check out the brand new make up company! I've decided to become a consultant with this brand because I'm so happy with the quality and ethics of it. Definitely worth a look!

Emma x

Feel free to comment down below with any questions about this new brand and I'll be happy to answer :)




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