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Oh hey! I'm having a really great day today so I thought that I would blog because I love doing it and it will make me even happier blogging all afternoon! 

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I'm taking you on a tour around my room. I recently had a humongous clear out and home haul so I thought that whilst my room was actually organised and tidy, I'd snap a few pics before the mess returned.

So to kick this off I have my desk area where I apply make up in the mornings and also style my hair. It is normally very cluttered and my make up will be scattered strategically all across the surface. Who has time to tidy up after themselves in the morning? Apparently not me! 

 My favourite thing in this picture is my make up brushes holder. This was a DIY experiment of a Fortnum and Mason chai tea bag container. I cut it down to size and filed it so it didn't look as messy round the top.  It definitely paid off. (Also, great tea bags!) The YSL gift box is now a handy hair tool kit. All my loose grips/bobby pins, bobbles, hair bands etc are all in there! 

The little glass pot on top of the pink box is a gift from two of my closest friends and because they know I have a ring fetish they bought it me for the sole purpose of storing all my rings. I put my most worn rings in this pot so the ones I wear more for everyday are always in there. 

My Majorca fan! So much love for this gorgeous souvenir. It really adds something to my room and gives my desk a bit more of a cultural edge. This side of the desk is more for my perfumes and loose objects I haven't found storage for. 

Now this side is all jewellery and make up! Don't ask me what is in my make up bags because even though they're crammed full I can't for the life of me think why! I don't think I realise how much I indulge in beauty products most of the time. 

My necklaces are all hung on my Paris lady. The matching box with the shoes on the lid is where all my bracelets and more rings go! (I love rings). Then all my earrings are in both the shoe decor pieces. Yes, the orange ones are liquorice allsorts haha. 

The two glass cups are vintage and belonged to my grandad. They're beautiful and although I haven't found a use for them yet, I still keep them on my desk. 

This one's pretty boring but these are my trusty storage boxes from IKEA. 

From Bottom-Top: The first box is some of my book collection. The second is my magazine collection. The two smaller ones are store craft items and my memory box which is full of tickets and photos. 

Onto my bed; I have to have a quote from my idol somewhere in my room so here it is. If you haven't guessed I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan. I loved her film Some Like It Hot. And let's not forget Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. 

These are my fairy lights. I love them so much and they were a bargain at £8 from Sainsbury's! They were placed around my window but I recently decided I prefer them wrapped around the bottom of my bed. Never in a million years did I think I'd get anything for my room from Sainsbury's! 

So all my friends call my bed the 'princess and the pea' bed because you have to almost launch yourself to get onto it. It sinks when you sit on it so it's almost impossible to stay sat upright for long before your lying down ready to fall asleep. Everyone props themselves up with pillows or leans against the wall. I still love it.

The quote on my wall is my favourite quote of all time. And the bunting next to it was hand stitched by yours truly. It took me forever and since then I've not found the motivation to make anything else. Fat use I'd be as a housewife!

Again, this little bedside table is from IKEA. You can get such great things from there.

Then I have my Grecian vase which is from my parents' honeymoon. The little black alarm clock is from IKEA once again! Told you I love that store. Becca also has this clock in Sweden. We're connected haha. 

I have my coaster which is an inside joke with my friends and then I also keep my book, phone and iPad here as well. The Spectacular Now is actually featured in my favourite books post. I really love it. 

Surprise surprise! Another quote. I'm terrible with quoted things they're my weakness when it comes to homeware. The little cards that are tucked behind my mirrors are thank you cards from my voluntary work and my job. The Tangled card is just too good not to have on show somewhere so it takes pride of place up there too. 

This mirror was my mum's when she was my age and I absolutely adore it. Not only does it have a sentimental value but it's really pretty and quirky. Perfect for my room!

My chalkboard heart is a recent addition, bought from a gorgeous little shop in Ashbourne. I've written up the things I'm looking forward to in May which are of course my trip to Finsbury Park to see the Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Royal. Blood and Tame Impala. I'm. So. Excited. 

Then the next day at an ungodly hour in the morning, I'm off to Manchester to catch a flight to Tenerife. I've never been before but I've heard good reviews. To be honest, I'm not bothered as long as it's sunny and there's none of that awful unpredictable British weather about.

Finally is another recent addition and it's my ticket board. I collect all my show and travel tickets and I've been wanting to put them up in my room for a while now. So I picked this up when I got my chalkboard and it's so handy to have. It's also really lovely to spot these whilst I'm sat at my desk and be able to recall all the memories I have of these occasions. 

I've got my Rocky Horror Show and Dirty Dancing musical tickets up there. Still my favourite musicals ever! 

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my room. Sorry if I have waffled a little but I do love talking about my decorative choices haha.

Emma x



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