Favourites #01

Welcome my dearest readers to my very first favourites post. We, here at Be Beautiful, look forward to telling you all everything we've been loving, doing and seeing in the last month!

My month has been full of lifestyle changes. I haven't turned into a fitness freak over night, however I have managed to stick to some sort of regime with the help of the Youtube's Cassey Ho. I have followed her Blogilates channel for quite a while but never really managed to stay on track when it came to her calenders because life always managed to get in the way. No I found myself with plenty of spare time and the right mindset! Her 5 to 20 minute long videos focus on making exercise fun with her own special brand of POP Pilates. Some are so fun that you don't even realise you're exercising. I recommend this for absolutely anyone wanting an easy way to work out, especially beginners. When you think you're ready attempt one of her amazing calenders where she'll make one part of your body BURN  every day! Yes you will be sore; but that is how you know it's working!

To go with my wild fitness antics I decided it was finally time to invest in some snazzy trainers so that if the mood strikes (rarely) I can get off my butt and go for a jog (well it's more of a walk really). I got this gorgeous pair from Sports Direct for around £25 in the teen section; yes my baby sized feet do have their perks! They are absolutely perfect for casual exercise and are the comfiest things ever!
It has definitely been a month of shoe lust and these little Topshop booties have not left my feet all month! So super comfy and look adorable with practically anything! Wore them recently on my trip Liverpool and they successfully saw me through 2 train journeys and a beautifully sunny day at the docks with no foot pain!

Speaking of Liverpool whilst I was there I went to Pizza Express. I was looking for something a lot lighter than a standard pizza but it needed to fill me up more than a salad. Enter the Leggera range! These pizzas come with an extremely thin and crispy base with a hole in the middle which contains a massive pile of salad! It looked positively mouthwatering! As for toppings I fully recommend the Pollo Ad Astra; chicken, sweet red pepper, red onion and cajun spices. My tastebuds danced!

After taking a very long break from my Kindle I finally decided to purchase a new book; intending it to be for the train journey... safe to say I was finished days before my journey! The book was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The basic plot is that the narrator; Clay, receives a box of tapes in the post. On the tapes is the voice of Hannah; a girl who recently committed suicide, she then lists thirteen events and people which lead up to her death. The format for this was so clever and it crossed so seamlessly between the two narrator that it was a pleasure to read. A gripping book which I did shed a little tear for at the end.

For you avid Made In Chelsea fans you'll know that Binky released her autobiography recently titled 'Being Binky'; from the first few chapters it seems like a really interesting read. In my local Asda she was signing books and I managed to be one of the first in line; it was a very exciting 30 seconds!! Definitely one for the grandkids! 
Now I'm excited to read Lucy Watson's new book 'The Dating Game'; going to be very busy with my head in a book the next few weeks!

What have been your favourite things this month?

xoxo Hannah



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