Flying The Nest

So this Friday my long anticipated travelling adventures begin and I'm taking some time out from blogging to enjoy my holiday and live a stress-free lifestyle for a week and a bit! 

However these experiences are going to be contributing to be beaut blog big time.

I have some really lovely ideas about what I want to do in terms with sharing my experiences with you. It's going to require a few new skills of mine to test the waters but overall I'm really excited about getting thrown into the deep end! 

I won't go into too much detail as I have more than a few ideas for each occasion and I'm only just getting started. All I will say is where I'm going, which is London, Manchester and Tenerife. London and Manchester are two of my favourite places but I have yet to discover the beauty of Tenerife. I plan on a lot of sunbathing and taking in the culture as much as possible. Fingers crossed Tenerife hasn't been too commercialised and we still have that gorgeous raw culture to explore. 

In the mean time I have a post to go out whilst I'm away about a new skincare routine I'm absolutely loving. So stay tuned into the blog for that.

Until then..


Emma x



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