HOW TO: Night & Day Cocktail

Hello my lovelies! As it's coming up to warmer weather for the Brits (unlike some places where it's hot all the time - jealous!) I thought I'd share my favourite cocktail recipe. This is perfect for those of you who aren't big drinkers as alcohol is a subtlety, it just tastes like a tropical drink!

Its the Night & Day cocktail. I stole this idea from a hotel bar in London but put my own twist on it. It's called 'Night & Day' because it's a transitional drink. (Which drink isn't?) So you can have it as a light lunchtime beverage or as an indulgence on a girly night in.

It may be very cheeky to call it this, but I like to say it's my healthy cocktail seeing as it's only the vodka that's more of a treat than a healthy option. If you're not looking for an alchoholic summer drink then feel free to follow the recipe without the vodka. I've found that orange or pomegranate juice works nicely as a substitute.

So first off here's what you'll need:
- Vodka. Any will do I've gone with Russian Standard.
- Fresh lime juice or lime cordial. 
- Fresh apple juice. The proper cloudy juice not the stuff that looks like wee and is full of sugar!
- Fresh raspberries.
- Lots of ice! 

Rinse your raspberries and place a few in the glass so they cover the base. Then using the back of a spoon, squash the fruit to release it's juice. I've also poured my 50ml of vodka in my handy spirit measure by the glass.

Then pour the vodka over the crushed raspberries and leave to soak. This is important because it flavours the vodka so and it's mainly the reason why you don't have that kick of alcohol when you drink this.

After 5 minutes or so of soaking, add a generous amount of ice and raspberries to your cocktail. I love raspberries so I take the opportunity to throw quite a few in. If you're feeling creative you can freeze raspberries in your ice cubes as well for an added effect.

Fill up the glass about two thirds of the way with your lime juice or cordial. This is a personal taste, you can play around with the balance of lime and apple juice to personalise it a bit.

Then fill up with the fresh cloudy apple juice! 


It turns a lovely sunset colour with the raspberries and apple juice combined. Absolutely gorgeous.

Tip: When you've drank your cocktail (and eaten the ice if you're anything like me) grab a spoon and scoop out the raspberries to eat. They taste divine having soaked up all the juices and vodka. Definitely something you don't want to miss out on.

I hope you've enjoyed my healthy take on a summer time cocktail. 

Emma x



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