"Men categorise women in one of four ways: Mothers. Virgins. Bitches. And sluts. Of course none of the above is suitable for the modern business woman. But, you can create your own image by selecting pieces of each archetype suitable for you. 

For example, the sexual attractiveness of the slut. 

The wisdom of the mother. 

The integrity of the virgin. 

The independence of the bitch. 

This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. They are forced instead, to take you seriously.”

-Six (Amber Heard), Syrup

Archetypes in society are widely debatable to most people nowadays. They hold such power over the interpretation and judgement of individuals making their mark on the world. This unfortunately means that misinterpreted persons can be under or overestimated in their working or personal lives. 

However, I feel there are many things that are advantageous about the way in which society separates us into our 'types' without a second glance. 

For one, you can hide behind archetypes, covering up your true potential until there is a time to step forward and flourish. Many people can suffer from members situated above them in the hierarchy of a business stealing their ideas and taking credit for them as their own. It's a totally unfair situation to be in. Disguising your ideas behind an archetype that underestimates your ability may be what you need to keep your amazing ideas hidden until that opportune moment when you can run to a trusted manager and give them a big metaphorical slap in the face with your brilliance.

Something that you can take from archetypes to help you in your personal relationships is their element of surprise. There is nothing like stepping into a relationship where the changes in attitude and expectations keep you on your toes and thoroughly engaged in the other persons life. Where would half your friendships or relationships be without the surprise and unpredictable situations you get yourselves into? Maybe it's not so bad to judge a book by it's cover if you're willing to delve into the pages and be pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns you would have never seen coming if you hadn't of taken the chance. 

Live your life, use these harsh archetypes to your advantage and thrive as an individual in the process.

Emma x
*disclaimer: the pictures used in this post are not my own and all rights go to their owners. They're great and should be appreciated in credit to the people responsible for them*



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