An Ode to Ellie Saab

Fashion is a repetitive thing. Currently I'm coveting sixties style minis and sporting an oversized pink coat which feels like I pulled it directly from the eighties. Whilst sometimes the repetition can drag and I  find myself searching for the new.

Meryl Streep calls it like it is in The Devil Wears Prada

However, the only thing I want to see in spring is lots and lots of pastel. Where better to get my fix than the Ellie Saab catwalks?

My most exciting fashion moment in all of television happened when Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, chose Ellie Saab for her long-awaited marriage to Chuck Bass, played by British heart throb Ed Westwick.
The Queen of the Upper East Side completes her bridal look with a tiara

So whilst some may accuse the collection of being repetitive I will never feel that way. My Tumblr is always awash with runway snap shots highlighting the simple elegance of each piece; shiny beads, sheer pastels, feminine waists and beautiful shapes. If there is one thing I could own with no thought to cost it would be one beautiful Ellie Saab gown.

xoxo Hannah



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