A walk a day keeps the doctor at bay.

Just a quick post this week; a recent discovery of mine I'm itching to share with you lovely people!

So, it's the dead of winter and being outside in this weather isn't everyones (well, pretty much anyones) favourite thing to do. We spend as little time outside as possible.

So when one of my housemates invited me to start going on morning walks with him (this includes getting up at six in the morning) I obviously rapidly declined; as any sane human would. It wasn't until two weeks ago when he finally persuaded myself and a friend to try it... the promise of chocolate may or may not have been involved, ahem. 
Anyway, begrudgingly I woke up at 6 in the morning put on as many clothes as humanly possible and went for this god-forbidden walk.
To my great surprise, I loved it. It sounds like the worst thing on this planet, voluntarily waking up that early, in the middle of winter, and then going for a walk. Who does that!?!
Well, I'm sure you're wondering what crazy reasons does this weirdo (being me) has for enjoying that. Well, here are five;

Number one, it sets you up so nicely for the day. You're much more alert and ready for what the day has to throw at you.

Number two, I'm actually on time for things. I'm not a great one for timings, especially in the mornings, but because I'm returning from my walk at around seven I have plenty of time to get ready at my own pace. I'm also not just woken up so I'm not half asleep. Plus, you have time to spent that little extra time on yourself so you can feel wonderful for the rest of the day.

Number three, its such a great way to get some much needed fresh air when we get so little in the winter. 

Number four, its early enough that it does not matter what you look like... at all. I mean I don't even wear a bra. I just throw on all my skiing thermals some trackies and my big coat and I'm out the door.

Number five, it is so good for you! You feel great I've not got the best skin and its really helped clear it up a little. Also it's a little bit of exercise every day, but nothing to strenuous. 

Now, if you're anything like me you'll still be sat reading going... this girl is insane. I don't blame you. That's why you have to try it for yourselves, just once. Maybe you'll get addicted like me or maybe it's not going to be for you, but how do you know if you don't try! 

A picture taken from my back door last year in late August
Don't forget summer morning walks will be just as beneficial, so if you're
really not good with cold save it for the summer... even though this picture
was taken in the evening, but you get the idea.

I think my favourite thing about this little tip I'm giving you is it is completely free. If you have warm clothes and a pair of shoes, then you need nothing more. There are no pills or creams or hidden costs, just a little motivation is all you need to feel and look that little bit healthier. Give it a go? I dare you.

Becca x



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