Pale Girl Bronze

It is no secret that I am a pale lady. I choose to shun the fake bake and the St Tropez in favour of the snowy skin I was born with. However this means that when I am searching for products to suit my skin it is quite a task.
I've never really thought I would find a bronzer to suit my skin; most highstreet offerings are too orange and even the infamous NARS 'Laguna' is too much. So after much swatching and giving up all hope I spotted the Honey Bronzer by The Body Shop. 

I'll be the first to say that the Body Shop isn't my first destination for make up essentials but after seeing the availability of four shades I was pleasantly surprised to find the palest shade is perfect! It is more brown than orange so is more suitable for the everyday look and has no shimmer or glitter (double score!) so it is appropriate for even the winter months.

On my face I tend to sweep it lightly on the nose, under my cheekbones and other places you'd apply contour. It feels incredibly light and soft which makes the product even more pleasurable to work with.

I really like the tortoise shell compact and particularly the size of the pan, which is perfect for swirling a big fluffy brush. Usually the mirrors in compacts such as this as totally useless, however this one was a god send when I needed something to apply my entire face of make up with on a recent car journey.

The Honey Bronzer is a reasonable £13 when you consider I was about to splash out on the Chanel Les Beiges for £38, and for over half the price I would definitely recommend adding the Body Shop's offering to your daily essentials.

xoxo Hannah

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