Cara Delevingne x Topshop

Cara Delevingne has become the first solo face for Topshop in their global Autumn Winter 2014 Campaign. The social media queen has rocketed to becoming a household name in the recent years because of her quirky personality. Her masses of funny instagram selfies truly show that she does not take herself too seriously and so has started a revolution of copycats. Along with walking for Chanel, she has previously been the face of Burberry and has even recently created her own collection for Mulberry... But you knew that already, right? 
Delevingners of the world rejoice that she is most certainly going nowhere, this girl is set for superstardom! Also if Mr Green is reading; Vogue has suggested she do a Kate-Moss-Style collection and that is something I really wanna have! Just a polite suggestion...



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