Favourites #03

So as you've gathered by now, Be Beautiful never schedule these 'Favourites' posts accordingly. We tend to do them regularly but not sticking to a particular month (organisation problems?). To be honest when I feel pressured to have favourites they're not as genuine as I'd like. But all these things in today's favourites have come to light very recently and I'm not even close to being sick of them yet!

Endless Love

I saw this film recently when I rented it for a day on TV and I've never been more sad to see it go! The relationship portrayed in this teenage love story is amazing and you will find yourself wishing you had someone to love that much. It doesn't end the way I thought it would but the build up to the final scenes and the growth of these two people is beautiful and I rewound through this film more times than I care to admit. I also decided to listen to the soundtrack on spotify and now my top 20 songs playlist which I posted here is now bombarded with songs from there. Unhealthy obsession? Maybe.

Love this cute gif of when he finally says he loves her awww!

Company Magazine Appearance

Well if you don't stalk the blog on twitter (which you should) then you won't know that one of my blog posts appeared in company magazine's September issue. I'm a fan of finding cheaper DIY ways to compromise with new fashion trends and I'm glad company have shared this Hair Rings DIY trick as it's so much easier and cheaper to obtain! I also think it looks super quirky and the rings are your own so it's your own personal statement, tailored to you! If you're looking for the smaller rings then use what you snapped up in the midi ring craze! It's easy peasy.

I also did a second post on this trend with new exclusive pictures that were taken additionally for the feature so check those out here! 

This is also Be Beaut's first appearance in a magazine so YAY! 

Au Naturale

There are two things I want to discuss in this section. Hair and makeup. I've been experimenting with treating my hair kindly and sparing it from a lot of heat damage. Instead of styling my hair with my beloved ghds I simply hair dry my fringe out and the upper half of my head and let my ends dry naturally into their loose messy waves. I've always liked a slightly dishevelled look and it's an added bonus that my hair benefits from less heat exposure.

I'm also preferring mineral powder to proper foundations at the moment. I don't really even use my liquid foundation for nights out anymore either. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything and nowadays I don't really need a heavy coverage anyway. My Arbonne powder is vegan and made from all natural products so I feel very healthy wearing it now!

Chubby sticks 

Clinique aren't a very loved makeup brand in my household but the chubby sticks change everything! All the shades I have suit my skin tone perfectly and they're so easy to apply on your lips. Yet they create such a statement with the bold shades that it makes you look like you've made more of an effort. These are great little handbag goodies for that day at work when you haven't had enough coffee and you're looking for a way to look TOTALLY FINE. Even if you are dying inside (me everyday).

Mango Cardigan

This cardigan is a beauty. It's perfect for cooler summer days and I throw it on over everything. I'm not usually one to have many cardigans but I'm really starting to like them, especially if they are all as perfect as this number!

Guilty Pleasure

I'm finding myself listening to this song every now and then when I just want something easy to listen to. In some ways it reminds me of Wheatus and Sum 41 and I love a good throwback sound. Rejects by 5SOS is my new favourite guilty pleasure. I think it's a B-side track to a single so it's not on the album. I always seem to fall for b-side tracks more than the ones on the album...hmm. You can listen to it here and see what I mean!

What are you loving so far this month? 



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