When I Grow Up

Often I find myself in fantasy land wondering what I hope my future to be like. (See this post for my perfect wedding dress!) So this evening I sit thinking about my perfect home... Now it is less about massive mansions with four poster beds and more bathrooms than is necessary; more about the objects I hope to have and the way I will live my life there. So I decided that it was probably the appropriate time to dabble in Pinterest; the number one destination for craft/DIY inspiration.

I hope that as soon as I leave university I will be able to move straight in to a flat or house that I can call my own. The idea of having my own space to decorate is very exciting for me as I like my independence. I do worry that I will end up decorating almost the entire place in different shades of blue; occasionally having a saucy dabble in turquoise or mint. In fact, I don't see a problem with that at all *cheeky monkey emoji*

The most important part of the whole house however will be my dressing table. It will sit in front of the largest window in the house; that may be the living room but oh well I always like to live life to the maximum! I think it should look quite vintage with a large oval mirror; probably in white! I want lots of draws in which to store all my makeup in neat little rows that I will spend hours reorganising when they inevitably get a bit cluttered. On top I will have a couple of photo frames of friends and family memories because I always like to surround myself with happy moments that I have shared with others. Alongside will be a pretty assortment of jars and little bowls filled with my makeup brushes or my favourite pair of earrings which must be at arms reach for speedy dressing! As a finishing touch I may have a vase of flowers if the boyfriend was feeling romantic that I bought for myself because I am a strong independent woman! 

For the rest of my bedroom I will have soft and cosy bed which I can spend many a Sunday morning laying in with toast and orange juice, catching up on my shows or watching Youtubers on my laptop #SuggSunday! There will of course be an abundance of cushions which I like to stack to prop myself up for maximum comfort and laziness... I am imagining a blue colour scheme... The only other thing I now need is masses of wardrobe space to hold my fashion addiction. I would really like a built in rack space for my shoes and shelves for handbags. Arranging these by season, colour or type will be another way to satisfy my OCD moments. Of course in the land of marshmallows and unicorns this will be a separate walk in closet complete with Clueless-esque computer system which chooses my clothes for me!

The only exciting part of the kitchen will be buying all matching cutlery, crockery and utensils which I will also be neatly arranging! Mostly I will use this room for baking so hopefully there will always be a tin full of cookies or cakes for any visitors. Lastly my living room will need to be filled with comfy sofas where I can lay if I ever make it out of my bedroom; cushions will be scattered artfully and I will have a selection of soft and fluffy blankets to snuggle under when it gets a bit chilly. Bliss...



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