Fun Fridays: Purple Petals

Welcome to 'Fun Fridays'! Every week I'll be posting new and fun ideas whether that's with hair, beauty, fashion or lifestyle. This post is shaping up to be a favourite of mine so I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

If it's just out of boredom or a look to kill at a fancy dress party or masquerade, then this is something for all three. I wore this purple flower effect when dressing up as Rapunzel a couple of years ago (because let's face it, I want to be her) and I loved it! Blogging gives me a fabulous excuse to delve into my make up once more to resurrect my beautiful Tangled inspired flower look.

I used a collection of eye shadow pink/purple duos and palettes to create these petals framing my eye as well as some Barry M sparkle! My trusted plum Dior eye liner was used as the outline and softened with a smudging brush. 

You can also extend this pattern over both eyes if wearing it as a masked effect. It would definitely stand out, with top marks for originality! 

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