Pandora Ring Purchase & Review

Evening all, Emma here.

My favourite jewellery item has got to be rings. I love them and wear them everyday without fail. Even if I'm not going out all day I wear my rings.

I recently had my results day and was amazingly proud of myself for just surviving two of the most stressful years of my life. The pressure to get good grades was too intense for my liking and it was a huge relief to have that weight lifted from my shoulders.

I decided to celebrate my freedom by buying myself a ring from Pandora. I've recently decided not to buy cheaper rings but instead to save up and buy proper rings from jewellers which will last a lot longer. This is the third ring I've bought from a jewellers and it's beautiful.

The ring is made of sterling silver with blue topaz and moonstone incorporated into the design. Moonstone is one of my favourite stones so I fell in love with this ring as soon as I saw it. The design is a band or flowers, leaves and hearts wrapping around the whole finger. The topaz and moonstone is placed at the centre of each main flower as well as  featuring throughout the design of the silver band.

The ring cost £65 altogether and I definitely think it was worth it! I'm not easily persuaded to buy things especially when they're this expensive but I'm not disappointed with this purchase at all.

I should also say that I am the definition of clumsy and if Pandora needed someone to test how indestructible their jewellery was then I'd be top of the list. The fact it's lasted almost a month without a single scratch is beyond a miracle. Very happy with this ring! Top notch (bit of cheeky British slang for you there).



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