An Introduction to us

Firstly, this blog is run by three people, each one as lovely as the other. We have decided to collaborate our ideas and opinions on fashion, make up, culture and much more.

Deciding what to write and how to write on your first blog post is always a difficult thing to do, so we've stuck to the traditional 'introductions' first post. So without further ado, here are our very own individual introductions..

I'll be honest and be the first to say that I'm not too great with putting myself into words on here but I'll try! I indulge a lot in reading a lot of books, watching films and stalking the latest fashion trends. I try to go to see a West End musical every time I'm in London, which is quite a lot. The first West End musical I saw was on my sixteenth birthday and it was Dirty Dancing, which is also one of my favourite films. I love spending time shopping for clothes and make up and normally spend way too much in doing so haha.

Hi lovelies! Now it's Hannah's turn.
I am a dancaholic; I am no happier than when I am having a good boogie (which is anytime, anywhere).  The rest of my time is spent day dreaming about all the designer goodies I would get if I won the lottery. ;)

And finally there's me, Becca. Where to start? hm. Well, I enjoy quite a range of things, including piano playing, fashion, ballet, eating, running, skiing, eating more and so on.
One of the things I really do have a passion for is textiles, its just something I can do for hours without getting bored. I forever making little bits and bobs or sketching on the back of a napkin and as I result I'm starting a year long textiles course this month, which I am so looking forward too.
I also love travelling, if I ever get the chance to go somewhere new I take it without a seconds thought. Exploring new places, learning about new cultures and other people is something I can't get enough of! 

I feel like I could go on forever, so I will stop there else I'll bore you all to tears with details about my strange life. I hope you'll like our little blog and maybe you'll even come back for another look. I hope so! Enjoy! 



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